Progress till now and future goals v0.6 in development

I had started making this software last week on 24th of August.

I had started out just because I was having fun playing with Visual Basic 2010. Then this idea struck to me. “Why not make a software that can help anyone learn C Programming Language by just using the software?”

Obviously many would say that there are already enough resources on the web and books in the market for learning C Language so why make a software for learning C language? The answer is simple. Because none of the resources is really that good.

But the books have all the content that is needed. Don’t they have?
Yes, the books have all the things that are needed. But there is a little problem. The books are made for those who want to read books. Not everyone is like that. So, I decided to make a software.

Progress till now:-

  • So far I have released 5 versions.
  • They are early versions v0.1 to v0.5.
  • Till now the Basic GUI has been developed.
  • 1 Part of the content has been added which explains how to download, install and run the software to make simple programs

v0.6 Features Developed till now:-

  • Glossary of keywords’ development started
  • Around 20 keywords added
  • Examples and definitions for the keywords almost done
  • 1 more part of content added which explains about displaying things on the screen and making comments

Future Goals for v0.6 before release:-

  • Creating a glossary of at least 30 keywords with examples and enough details
  • Adding another part of the content which explains how to produce regular patterns on the screen
  • Starting the glossary of libraries and functions

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