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It has been some time from the last time that I added some content on this blog “programming made a game”. It seemed to me that I had given up on this as the software “C Programming Made A Game” is on hold. So what am I going to write about now? What made me come back?

From some time I was in doubt about whether I will succeed in making a game from programming or will I succeed in making programming a game? I had taken an example based approach for the C learning software and I knew that was correct way for turning programming into a game. But I thought it would be take a lot of time. So, what to do? I began to experiment. I tried Visual Basic, Python and even thought of taking up java to see which would be best for making a game.
I made some little games with VB and python. Images of the Games made in Visual Basic are added below.

About the images of the games that I made:-

1. Maze:- This is a game in which we have to move the mouse from the top left to the finish at the bottom right. There is just one thing – whenever a wall(the blue thing in the picture) is hit the mouse goes back to the original position.

2. Capture:- This is a game in which letter move around randomly on the screen. Mouse has to be used to capture the letters.

3. Sudoku – I think everybody knows what Sudoku is. For those who don’t know check out wikipedia->Sudoku to find out. This game isn’t complete yet.

4.Tic-Tac-Toe Wikipedia Page

But I wasn’t satisfied so I kept on searching and found out something great. Will update about what I found soon.


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