This blog Programming Made A Game is something that I started for distributing the software “C Programming Made A Game”. I placed the software on hold after a few days and didn’t open the blog myself for some time. Then I realized I could actually use the blog for sharing things about my experiences with making games instead of letting it die. While the experience is not huge it can be helpful to someone. And I hope to restart the C learning software soon.

Here are few Snapshots of the C learning software‘s latest unreleased version. I stopped in the middle of this version. Previous version’s download links are available on the website.

For previous version’s information see this page. For the download links see this page.

Initially the files were on fileden but they stopped working so I shifted the setups to github. If the links were not previously working try again as they should be working now. I’ll also add images there.

My New blog’s link


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