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How to make a game

I am planning to make some good material related to how to make a game. I thought that before releasing that I could probably share with everyone some of my experiences about how to make a game. Some of you … Continue reading

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Index of C learning software

This page will be used as index of different versions of my C Learning software “C Programming Made A Game” v0.9 – Unreleased Screenshots v0.8 If you are having problems installing the software then download this setup. Extract it and … Continue reading

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come back

It has been some time from the last time that I added some content on this blog “programming made a game”. It seemed to me that I had given up on this as the software “C Programming Made A Game” … Continue reading

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Can anyone give advice?

I want to make a game. Can anyone suggest a programming language in which I can make a small game in around 2 weeks. I don’t care if it is a 2D game which looks like that it is from … Continue reading

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Started Making Games

Started making Games using C language. Made first one. Graphics are less but still made a working one. Will Add graphics and difficulty levels soon.Download Page

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