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This has moved to a new place

I am no longer updating here. The new website is this. All new updates are being done at the new website. Advertisements

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How to make a game

I am planning to make some good material related to how to make a game. I thought that before releasing that I could probably share with everyone some of my experiences about how to make a game. Some of you … Continue reading

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Can anyone give advice?

I want to make a game. Can anyone suggest a programming language in which I can make a small game in around 2 weeks. I don’t care if it is a 2D game which looks like that it is from … Continue reading

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Progress till now and future goals v0.6 in development

I had started making this software last week on 24th of August. I had started out just because I was having fun playing with Visual Basic 2010. Then this idea struck to me. “Why not make a software that can … Continue reading

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